The worlds most profitable bitcoin mining solution

With a per KwH cost of only 0.02 cents, The First Argentine Mining Co's profitability will be 5-10x greater than any other mining operation on the planet.


We have already acquired a 40,000 square foot, state of the art, 20 Megawatt facility in Buenos Aires that will have the capacity to host 1000's of miners, with a team of experts who work around the clock to ensure that our operations are running smoothly. We are proud to be contributing to Bitcoins adoption in Argentina which is already thriving, and we believe that our work is helping to secure the future of this exciting technology.



To Invest into FAMCO you'll first need to purchase any of the 4 available NFT's. Each NFT whether bronze, silver, gold or platinum represent your stake in the reward pool. Platinum, gold and silver however, will be granted special bonuses and privileges not seen in the bronze.



Famco will pay out rewards every single month in BTC. Rewards will be automatically airdropped to holders. No need to stake your NFT!



Your NFT rewards will continue to grow as FAMCO adds new miners, and expands through its hosting facility. At 0.02 cents per KwH we're expecting an enormous opportunity to host other mining operations!

*Profits are not guaranteed

Where we are headed


quarter 1
  • Registered S.R.L and file for import license
  • Aquire 40,000 Sqft Facility
  • Negotiate Industrial Electricity Rate Of 0.02 cents per KwH
  • Install 20 Megawatt Electrical infrastructure
  • Establish Institutional investment Partners
  • Site Launch
quarter 2
  • Establish Socials
  • Initiate Pre Mint Marketing Campaign
  • Community Build and Standup
  • Accelerate Marketing
  • Initiate Facility Buildout
  • Place Order For 1000 Miners
quarter 3
  • Complete Facility Buildout
  • Take Delivery Of Miners Through Customs
  • Install Miners and Complete Wiring
  • Rewards Paid Monthly
quarter 4
  • Open Up Hosting Business On Location
  • Onboard Hosting Partners To Drive Revenue. All of which is shared with NFT holders.
  • Open A Potential 2nd Facility



A life long resident of Buenos Aires, Patricio is a successful entrepreneur and restaurateur, owning and operating 3 restaurants and a retail clothing company in Buenos Aires.




Nathan is an accomplished legal advisor who serves as a vital resource for numerous law firms, providing expert counsel and helping to secure high-value clients. With a strong background in crypto mining and analytics, Nathan's unique skill set allows him to tackle complex cases at the intersection of law and technology. Passionate about both fields, Nathan is recognized as a forward-thinking professional dedicated to finding innovative solutions for his clients.

The Company

Patricio's plan to start a large scale Bitcoin mining and hosting operation came to fruition this past year, when he realized the unbeatable profitability potential within Argentina for Bitcoin mining. As fate would ordain, Patricio already had access to a large (40,000 square foot) industrial building with an electricity rate of 0.02 U.S. cents per kWh (currently, the global average electricity cost is 14.2 U.S. cents per kWh for household users and 12.7 U.S. cents per kWh for business users, far too high to start a mining operation).

Thus, the First Argentine Mining Company (FAMCo.) was born! With an electrical cost over 95% cheaper than anywhere else in the world, the opportunity in Buenos Aires is unlike any mining operation in the world. FamCo. will also aggressively expand into hosting other mining operations in Argentina, making the opportunities limitless!

Frequently Asked Questions

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